As we kick off the new year we welcome the new digital trends of 2018. If you want your business to become more visible this new year, get ahead of the curve and check out the digital trends to watch in 2018.


video-marketing-digital-waterford-dublinIncreased Video

It may seem like an obvious statement, but use of video is still the most popular and influential form of digital content for businesses today and will continue to trend in the next 12 months. When video is done well it can have a very positive impact on your business. In particular, live video and interactive content (such as Q&As) are really beginning to grow with every social media platform pushing this feature. Get ahead in 2018 by making your live streams less shaky and more professional. A tripod and good quality camera can go a long way.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Voice Marketing

Did anyone else get an Amazon Echo or Google Voice for Christmas? There is a growth in the number of people who use voice activated search engines similar to Siri or Amazon Alexa. Voice search as well as the use of Augmented Reality will alter the marketing sphere and we’ll see a shift in content strategies, with audiences expecting more from the content they consume. Brands will continue to strive for interactivity and engagement in their content as well as seeking further integration into other user-interface features in 2018.


thought-leadership-law-firm-legal-ireland-pr-cork-dublinMore Targeted Advertisements

With everything from display advertising to online competitions, and native advertising to sponsored posts, the possibilities for digital advertising are endless. In order to effectively leverage these opportunities, ads need to be well constructed and engaging to provide value to your target audiences. 2018 is bringing a more targeted and focused approach on personalising every interaction between your business and its audience. People are served with so many ads every day, it is no wonder most go unnoticed or are simply ignored. In 2018, make sure your ads on social media are more goal specific with ROI in mind.


Regulation of the influencer

It goes without saying that influencers are changing the way in which brands communicate with their audiences. Micro-influencers in particular have opened up many new methods of reaching a brand’s target audiences as well as delivering other valuable returns such as lead generation and content creation. However, 2018 is set to bring in more stringent measures on these collaborations between influencers and brands. If you wish to work with influencers in 2018, make sure that you know the rules and best practices that are in place and/or being implemented while you’re in the planning stages, to ensure that your campaign won’t encounter any setbacks.

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