Digital Transformation Case Study

The Brief:

Digital Transformation Case Study

Springboard was tasked with the management of strategic communications for Cork Craft Month 2020. With COVID-19 and restrictions on physical events, the August festival needed an approach that worked in a rapidly changing world – a real Digital Transformation Case Study.

The objectives for Springboard’s communications campaign were:

  • Manage communications for this digital transformation,  with over 50 events to pivot online.
  • Ensure stakeholders — both makers and audiences — were engaged and activated. For this, we utilised our content framework, Spring³ to leverage owned, earned and paid online media to deliver a successful campaign. ​

The Execution:

Times of crisis call for radical action. To move over 80% of Cork Craft Month events to a digital-only format was a necessary pivot to sustain both the festival and its makers.  However, this new approach came with its own challenges.

The first was to get makers involved. As Cork Craft Month events in previous years had largely taken place in a physical setting, many makers were unsure about running events online — how to do it, what should they do and where will they do it? This required radical re-thinking by the makers.

The initial step by Springboard was to create a digital strategy for the festival — bringing in goals, tone of voice, stakeholder mapping, key messages, proof points and a digital plan with campaign activity.

Digital Playbook

A digital playbook for makers was developed — an informative guide to assist makers to bring their digital vision to life.


To assist with creativity, and to give both makers and their craft audiences a sense of what to expect, a series of videos were launched in the lead up to, and during, the festival.

For the pre-launch we looked at activating members, informing the community of what was to come and highlighting to funders the creativity that is Cork Craft Month. Makers were asked to show off a piece of craft work that they love from their home in a short video for the Cork Craft Showcase. 

A second virtual preview for Cork Craft Month before the launch was a children’s workshop. With parents looking for ways to entertain their children, there was a captive audience for Cork Craft Month to engage with. This brought greater recognition among the general public before the campaign kicked off and highlighted the family element to the 2020 Festival. 

Once the Festival launched, the Meet the Makers campaign kicked-off with makers invited to capture a self-recorded message, explaining what craft meant to them using five words.  This allowed the public to see the faces behind Cork Craft Month and be part of the living culture.

Amplifying Content

The key thread throughout was to take one piece of content — like a single video — and amplify it. This videos were used in targeted email marketing, blog posts, online advertising, social media and digital media packs to journalists. By leveraging owned, earned and paid online media, we delivered a successful digital campaign that reached a large audience, drove traffic across the website and social media and engaged both makers and audiences alike to become involved.

The Results:


  • Followers increased by 144%
  • Page likes increased by 145%
  • Video views included 2,495 minutes across the campaign
  • In total, posts from 23 June to 31 August reached 93,905


Following the 2020 campaign, Springboard achieved a 44% increase in followers.


From 23 June – 31 August, there was:

  • 37.4K impressions
  • 2.4% engagement rate
  • 247 link clicks

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