Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers that are based on market research and analysis of your target audiences. At Springboard, we develop buyer personas for our clients to help them understand, in detail, the things that motivate, drive and influence their ideal buyers. Here are some reasons why you should have buyer personas and how you should use them.


What are the benefits of developing buyer personas for your brand?

A buyer persona can help you to target content to different segments of your audience., helping you to create content that they are more likely to engage with, like, and most importantly, share. When you know your target customer in detail, you target them more effectively.  Here are the top reasons to use buyer personas:

  • You can easily identify target segments’ needs and wants
  • You can determine what platforms they spend their time on and cut down time spent on social media platforms that don’t generate leads.
  • You can target your efforts and generate content of better quality that secures more leads, for less time and effort.
  • Content targeted to buyer personas results in higher quality leads and increases conversion rates.


How can you develop content for these buyer personas?

It is vital that you keep in mind tone of voice, content and key messages when developing content suitable for your buyer personas.  As part of the content development process, you must also consider your medium and platforms. Are you using  an infographic, video, blog post or other piece of content to target your buyer? Your buyer personas will dictate which mediums you use to share information with them and which platforms are most relevant to reach them on.


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Susie founded Springboard in 2011, and has developed the business into a leading, director-led communications agency. She has worked for over 20 years in senior marketing and public relations roles.

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