LinkedIn is a vital tool to build brand awareness, develop thought leadership and generate high-quality leads. We’ve put together some of LinkedIn’s top stats to inform your strategy and help you to maximise your content.

According to Hootsuite’s latest 2021 report, LinkedIn member engagement rates have nearly doubled year-over-year. LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to help businesses of all sizes build a compelling, organic social presence, increase reach and engagement with paid advertising and measure and optimise campaigns to maximise impact.


The number of registered LinkedIn accounts in Ireland.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn company page – you need to create one (where relevant!) and begin activating that audience. To get started, ensure that you update your social media policy to reflect the page, add only trusted admins and develop a clear and concise content strategy to avoid ad hoc posting or static pages.

Your employees are the strongest advocates of your brand, so do equip them with the tools they need to engage and interact with your content. Tap into that network. We find that prompting employees via an internal comms strategy and engaging them in the content creation process is a good way to begin. Make sure your senior team always invite their own connections to follow your page – a free and effective tool. 


Views on the LinkedIn feed are up 60% on last year. 

As organic reach continues to decline across many social channels, LinkedIn offers an opportunity to reach your business audiences in the right place at the right time. Paid activity plays an amplifying role; the greater your paid reach, the more it can amplify your organic efforts. Springboard can work with you to set up advertising on your social platforms.


The number of pieces of content that a B2B prospect will engage with before making a purchase decision.

It should make you feel better to know that almost nobody converts after seeing one single piece of content. Conversions are part of a longer process and your strategy needs to attract and nurture those leads in order to get them to the conversion stage, where they become a buyer.


The minimum amount of time you should invest daily in moderating the page.

Ideally, up to an hour a day should be spent implementing your strategy – posting content, sponsoring updates, engaging with others and more.  This can be time consuming, but LinkedIn is a vital business tool, so if you don’t have the capacity in-house, consider engaging an agency like Springboard to manage your owned content.


The suggested number of characters per post.

Shorter updates—meaning 150 characters or fewer—tend to perform best. Keep it short and sweet and if you have more to say, include a link to a blog or article so that only people who are interested will see it.


At Springboard, we use a URL management platform to shorten and track click-through rates on links. This also enables us to use the link multiple times with graphics that feature key stats or tips taken from the content.


Your in-house marketing team or graphic designer should be able to optimise images for use on LinkedIn. Plan ahead to make sure you are sharing relevant and useful content with your key audiences. 75% of Sponsored Content engagement happens on mobile devices, so make sure your content looks great on small screens.

Did you know that companies that are engaged on social media are 40% more likely to be perceived as competitive compared to those who are not? (Hootsuite study, 2021) 

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