Internal Communications in Ireland Report 2024


The Internal Communications in Ireland Report 2024 is the only national survey of the internal communications sector in Ireland.


This report is a snapshot of the sector in 2024, with insights and data on how your organisation can enhance and protect its reputation, deliver business strategy and ensure a strong, connected workforce. Get in touch to find out how our Internal Wire team can take your organisation to the next level.

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“Internal communicators are focusing on key trends like the growing importance of people leaders, sustainability communications, digital workplaces and AI, and hyper-personalised content. However, barriers to success remain whether that is translating complex topics or ensuring the appropriate policies and guidelines are in place.


In 2024, the glaring trend is the importance of people leaders and their role in cascading information and engaging employees. Where do you begin? In our report, we explore the first steps to empowering people leaders in your organisation.”

– Sandy Boundy, Director of Strategy and Insights

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At Springboard, our dedicated Internal Wire team has the experience and expertise to take your organisation to the next level, from conducting a full IC audit and delivering people leader training to creating a long-term internal communications strategy and creating content that resonates.

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Ciara Flaherty

Ciara Flaherty

Client Director

Sandy Boundy

Sandy Boundy

Director of Strategy and Insight



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