Social Media “superpowers” Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are disrupting the status quo with a number of recent app upgrades. We’ve complied this handy round-up on the latest new features and how you can use them to maximum effect.


Instagram has released its brand new feature; “Instagram Stories”. If it sounds familiar, that might be because it is. Many people have criticised the new feature as a nothing more than a copy of the app “Snapchat”. Instagram Stories allows users to share videos and images, compiled together in a ‘story’ for 24 hours, before they disappear forever. These can be edited with filters, text and drawing tools, much like Snapchat. Anyone who can see your account can see your story at the top of their page.


Instagram predicts that instead of users posting once a week, users will now post 5-10 times a day, thanks to this new feature.



  • It allows users to post images from their day, without the images appearing on users feeds/profile grids. This combats the elitism that Instagram has been suffering from in recent months. Users have often refrained from posting, fearing that they will not receive a large quantity of likes for “imperfect” images.


  • Snapchat has stunted growth because of users’ inability to find friends and influential personalities with ease. Instagram removes this barrier.



There is a lack of traceability. Users will not be notified when others have seen their stories, or whether any screenshots have been taken.



How does this change the dynamic? Instagram may be able to capture market share with the over 30’s who were slow to adapt to the Snapchat interface.




Snapchat has made significant moves towards sponsored content and advertising in the past few months. Most recently Snapchat featured a filter for the release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. There’s about to be more advertising, but this time it’s for a cause we can appreciate. Conradh na Gaeilge (a social and cultural organisation which works to promote the Irish language) has teamed up with Snapchat to run the GaelSnap Competition. Snapchat has agreed to create 32 geofilters, one for each county, ‘as Gaeilge’ and they are asking the public to design the new geofilters. Snapchat are accepting submissions up to Friday 19th August 2016 and the new filters will be launched as part of Conradh na Gaeilge’s BÚA campaign in September.




Why snap when you can Gaelsnap?



None. Any use of the Irish language is positive



How can I add Conradh na Gaeilge on Snapchat? Use the Snapcode below




With such an increase in video content, photos aren’t quite what they were, but Facebook has found a way to make them popular again. Facebook now supports 360 photos to create a virtual experience. All you have to do is take a panorama photo on any iPhone or smartphone, upload it to Facebook and Facebook converts it to a 360-degree experience for your viewers.



The intuitive feature allows you to tilt your phone to explore the image, which really adds to the “virtual-reality-experience”. This feature is perfect for showrooms, events or behind-the-scenes experiences.



In order to create a full “360” experience for your follower (and not just an enhanced panoramic view) you will need to get some special equipment, a 360 camera, or a 360 photo app.



What can I use Facebook 360 for? As a business, you can really innovate with your ideas and engage or even surprise your followers. Click here to view the Washington Supreme Court in 360 or here to see the International Space Station.  Join Facebook 360  or  The New York Times  for more inspiring ideas.




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