Sustainability is no longer an add-on to how a business operates; it is a fundamental part of business strategy. Guided by the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), commitment to sustainability is an integral part of being a successful company that acts in an ethical, transparent and responsible way. It’s not just a nice to have. It’s a must-have. Purpose must be integrated if you want to deliver real impact – for the business, for society, for the planet.

We don’t claim to be climate experts, yet we are communication experts. As David Attenborough rightly asserted, ‘Saving our planet is now a communications challenge.’ Therefore, we’re committed to sparking conversations, raising pertinent questions, and urging businesses to weave sustainable practices into their very fabric.

At Springboard, our role is simple: We partner with purpose-led businesses to solve complex problems, protect reputations, and drive COMMUNICATIONS FOR POSITIVE CHANGE.

We do this through the following:

We do: 

  • Communication concepts and campaigns for stakeholders
  • Employee sustainability communications and campaigns
  • Communications on core sustainability messaging
  • Communications on reporting and impact
  • Purpose, vision and mission development and roll-out

We partner with experts on:

  • Sustainability strategy development and integration into corporate strategy
  • Sustainability reports, integrated reporting
  • Stakeholder surveys and dialogue moderation
  • Advice on statutory regulation, such as EU taxonomy and CSRD, SFRD, or advice on sustainability standards and frameworks: GRI, SDGs, UNGC, etc.
  • Definition of goals, actions and KPIs
  • Consulting and support for Sustainability ratings and rankings
  • Code of Conduct for business partners, and preparation of similar policies

Nowadays, companies and industries have to manage daily changing multi-stakeholder expectations coupled with pressure from governments and lobbying groups to act. Companies need to manage these complexities to deliver on their mandate, yet it has to be aligned to their purpose.

We are collectively facing a climate emergency. Accepting the climate emergency means accepting new ways of doing business. How we decode the topic of climate – from a communications point of view means working and thinking outside of our silos, focusing more on transparency and trust.

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