Social media is a fantastic way to push out great content, promoting both awareness of your business and leveraging the power of advocates of your brand.

 People always say, ‘If my work is good, it will sell itself’. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you otherwise. Whilst a quality product or service is the backbone of any successful business, unfortunately in today’s digital world, it’s not always the case of ‘if you build it, they will come’. You need to be visible across many platforms and it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve that. In the following points, Springboard PR & Marketing explain why you should be using Facebook advertising to help you achieve the reach and the number of new leads that you deserve in 2017.


Facebook is where your consumers are.

With the rise of other social media networks, Facebook is still the most popular social media site with 67% of social media account owners in Ireland owning Facebook accounts.

While 2,594,000 people in Ireland have Facebook accounts, 74% of these account owners using their account daily. 68% of people follow their favourite brand on social media and they spend an average of almost six hours on Facebook. With these stats in mind, why wouldn’t you use Facebook to target such a wide audience who wants to see more content from you?


Facebook algorithms like your ad.

Facebook has a unique algorithm that promotes certain kinds of content. This algorithm does not show preference to organic content from brands, so your message will have limited visibility. But with Facebook advertising, you can ensure that account owners are seeing your message.

Facebook also prefers certain types of content, including visual. For Springboard PR & Marketing’s guide on visual content, click here.


You don’t need a huge budget.

Facebook advertising is much more inexpensive than you would think. The benefit to advertising on Facebook is that you can achieve a lot with your spend. If you have a limited budget, you should invest in Facebook advertising, where you are guaranteed to reach a wider audience if you have the right message, content and target area. You can also control how much you pay, as there are no set fees. If you find the spend is too expensive, simply reduce the distance parameters in your targeted area until you reach a price you can afford to pay.


You can target specifically.

Facebook advertising has plenty scope to really target your ad to a specific audience. You can choose to make your ad viewable to a specific gender, demographic or age. You can even target people with specific interests, educational backgrounds or careers. This works exceptionally well when you have one key message to deliver to a very small targeted audience, where you may not be able to justify the spend on a magazine advertisement. At Springboard PR & Marketing, we always advise our clients on what advertising medium can achieve the best results for their core messaging, target audience and budget.



Increase your organic reach.

If you choose the right content for your ad, your followers are likely to share that content, so that ultimately, you reach not just your target audience, but a much wider network of people. This kind of sharing is vital to increase brand awareness.


At Springboard, we believe that any kind of advertising should not work in isolation. We advise our clients to create a content calendar for their advertising campaign that fits into the current marketing strategy. When paired with the right mix of communications, which may include thought leadership, blogging and media relations, you can achieve maximum results for your budget.


To discover how you can create the perfect content marketing strategy, click here.



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