Airmedica, the Irish personal protective cosmetics brand, and Irish skincare company Human + Kind have teamed up to donate 4,000 units of Airmedica Hand Sanitisers and 1,000 units of Human+Kind’s hand cream to frontline workers. The announcement comes on the foot of a strategic partnership which will see Human+Kind offer Airmedica’s Irish-made hand sanitiser to their distribution network of over 1,000 pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide. 

Airmedica Hand Sanitiser is manufactured by its parent company Cosmetic Creations in Mayo and Cork, using 80% Irish ingredients. Created and launched in March 2020 in response to demand created by Covid-19, there are now 300,000 units being manufactured a week, with customers in the public and private sector. 

Aiden Corcoran, CEO of Cosmetic Creations, said: “As we scale up production of Airmedica to 300,000 units a week, we are excited to partner with a well-respected brand like Human+Kind, whose strong community ethos matches our own. Human+Kind has the national reach that will ensure we can distribute our hand sanitiser as far and wide as possible, as quickly as possible.

“We are more conscious than ever of the essential work being carried out by frontline workers and are always looking for ways to support them and give back. We are pledging 4,000 units of hand sanitiser, and are delighted that Human+Kind are supporting that donation with 1,000 units of their hand cream.” 

Jeroen Proos, co-founder of Human+Kind, added: “Hand sanitiser has become part of our everyday lives, and as Ireland moves out of lockdown, it will remain an essential product. We are proud to be working with an indigenous company making hand sanitiser here in Ireland with the highest quality of ingredients. 

“Cosmetic Creations is one of the few manufacturing companies in Ireland with the capacity and expertise to produce hand sanitiser at a national scale. We will be leveraging our distribution network of over 1,000 retail outlets, with the scope to expand that number in the coming months.” 

The 5,000 donations of Airmedica hand sanitiser and Human+Kind hand cream will be distributed to selected hospices and hospitals over the next four weeks, including Marymount Hospice, Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital and Mayo Roscommon Hospice. 

About Airmedica: 

Airmedica is an Irish personal protective cosmetics brand. Its first product, Airmedica Hand Sanitiser, was launched in March 2020. Made in Ireland from the highest quality ingredients, Airmedica Hand Sanitiser is formulated with your personal hygiene and care in mind. The 70% alcohol-based formula is fragrance-free and easily absorbed, promoting skin health and cleanliness. For more information, visit

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