We continuously hear reports of the competitive nature of securing the best candidates in the Tech and Pharma sectors in Ireland.  In this market, talent acquisition has significantly evolved and grown. 

While selecting the best candidate is ultimately the core objective, a company’s positioning to attract and retain high-calibre candidates is paramount.

There is a growing awareness and emphasis on employer branding and the potential to use everyone and everything to promote an organisation. How a company represents and presents itself as an employer can make or break a company’s recruitment efforts.

This tactical approach to branding was traditionally associated with consumer-driven organisations. But now, B2B organisations are coming around to the realisation that employer branding, both on and offline, is essential for approaching  different categories of consumers – job candidates, future candidates and anyone who may refer candidates.

While an appreciation of this is growing, the know-how and understanding of how to adopt and implement this approach is more sought-after, in particular, by larger corporations or MNCs who are looking to localise their offering in the Irish market.

Providing a positive experience, active engagement and wooing and retaining candidates requires evaluation, a strategy, and consistent communication of a company’s brand values and corporate image.

It’s a skill worth mastering for a company’s return on investment and ultimately its bottom line; not just for talent acquisition but for investment and business in general.

It stands to reason that employees buy into a company and what it stands for.

This is communicated through a corporation’s reputation— positioning through corporate profiles, media stories, CSRinitiatives, awards and thought-leader positioning at events and seminars.

A corporation’s digital strategy must mirror this with a positive and professional online presence and a consistent tone of voice through its website and social media. Advertising and internal communication through newsletters, events etc., are also key to employer branding.

Promoting a corporate image continues through client brochures, stationary, its premises, right down to how employees dress and the manner in which calls/emails are answered.

At the core of this is the importance of consistency between what a brand offers and what it practices.

In today’s candidate market, it is clear how the marketing disciplines associated with branding and brand management must be increasingly applied by corporations for successful recruitment and talent management.

Susie Horgan is Managing Director of Springboard PR & Marketing

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Susie founded Springboard in 2011, and has developed the business into a leading, director-led communications agency. She has worked for over 20 years in senior marketing and public relations roles.

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