Springboard PR & Marketing wishes the Three Sisters 2020 luck  as the final countdown to the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) decision begins. The official Bid Book was submitted to Europe on June 17th and will be carefully reviewed by the ECoC selection panel, before it makes its final decision on July 15th.

Following their evaluation of the document, two members of the ECoC panel will visit the region on 13th July to examine the strength of the region’s cultural offering, and the depth of involvement of the community and stakeholders. Other important elements of their decision will be based on Three Sisters ability to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe, while hosting the enormous progamme of events that will take place in the ECoC host city.

The fact that the ECoC effort has already united the three counties of Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford culturally, and in planning for a unified future, should be of particular interest to the selection panel. It is this unique aspect that has set Three Sisters apart from competitors Galway and Limerick. The Bid will be supported by a budget of €31 million.

Three Sisters Bid Director Michael Quinn urges people to use the last weeks remaining before the decision to show their support for the Bid. “It’s really important that the ECoC selection panel sees that the local people are invested in this Bid. I would encourage everyone to show their support on social media by liking the Three Sisters 2020 Facebook page and following us on Twitter @3sisters2020 using #BitForTheBid. Together, we can make this incredible opportunity a reality for our region.”


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