On the 19th of September the very first National Irish Goldsmiths Exhibition was launched at Designworks Studio in Cork City. Renowned Cork-based jeweller Tuula Harrington of Designworks Studio, has come together with other acclaimed Irish Goldsmiths to showcase an exhibition of high-end, hand-made jewellery with a dual sense of value; emphasizing more than the valuable materials used, but also skilled workmanship and creativity. Working together on a common theme of depth and beauty, they aim to showcase a collection that will blow away the public and many misconceived ideas of hand-crafted jewellery.

Musician and artist Gavin Friday collaborated on the project, and provided the theme of ‘Cultural Identity’. Mr Friday opened the body of work on the 19th,  which encompasses three pieces from nine of Ireland’s top jewellers: Tuula Harrington, Natasha Heaslip, Sean Osborne, Sé O’Donoghue and Eimear Conyard, Helena Malone, Moritz Schurmann, Rudolf & Christopher Heltzel and Lee Harding. Each of these produced three one off pieces specifically for this exclusive exposition, which will be shown in Dublin and London following it’s Cork debut.

The exhibition is free to view and will be on display at Designworks Studio, Cornmarket Street, Cork City until the end of October.  

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