Last week our team attended the Eolas Magazine Digital Marketing conference, held in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin. Here are the four key takeaways that you can apply to your next digital marketing campaign: 

  1. You’re Not Competing with AI 

The event opened with an engaging discussion about digital strategy trends and the power of AI. From the discussion, it was clear that AI-powered marketing can enhance our roles and the work that we do – a topic we have touched on in our recent blog on using AI for internal communications. 

So, why not start embracing the change now? 

  1. The Power of SMART Goals 

We work with our clients closely to identify SMART goals and KPIs through The Strategy Hub.  This helps to ensure all our clients receive the best-in-class approach to their digital marketing campaign.  

Several speakers at the event spoke about how creating goals that were specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely helped the success of their campaigns. They also mentioned how it is important to not identify too many goals or objectives, as it may overcomplicate a campaign. By crafting clear goals and KPIs, campaigns such as ‘Stay Curious’ by UL found greater levels of success. The campaign generated a 40% increase in event sign-ups, a 99% increase in traffic to their websites landing page and a CTR on paid social advertisements of 68%.  

  1. Never Make Assumptions  

When creating content, it is important to aim for one reaction you want to evoke and to leave space for others. Just because your marketing department believes a campaign will create a sense of joy, does not mean that it will. This is where researching and testing campaigns is extremely important. We craft our content to showcase our clients to the fullest and keep them engaged with desired audiences through The Content Studio. 

Another point discussed was how it is important to be unassuming of emotional reactions when researching and creating content for consumers. From each of the successful campaign examples mentioned during the day, researching consumers was an important element. This is a lesson to take on board; to never undermine the importance of researching your target market, as assumption may be the downfall of a campaign. 

  1. Curiosity cured the Graduate  

If you are a student who is looking to build a career in the marketing or communications field, you may be wondering what employers are seeking in a future graduate. One of the main traits that the panel speakers sought in a graduate is curiosity. It’s important to not become stagnant and use each experience to learn more about the industry.  

If you are a graduate looking for an opportunity in communications, check out our careers page for open positions. 

From the event, it’s clear that marketing and the way we communicate to consumers is ever evolving. For more information on the Eolas Magazine Digital Marketing conference, visit or search #DMDublin across social media.     

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