Social Media Dublin Conference

The Eolas Magazine Social Media Dublin Conference recently took place, and it was a jam-packed day, full of learnings and great insights from the use of Employee Generated Content to strategic silence. Our Senior Client Executive Chloe Kavanagh has distilled six key takeaways that should be the cornerstone of your 2024 marketing and communications plans.

Social Media Dublin Conference

Ad-Free is on the Horizon

The conference opened with an exploration of what lies ahead in the dynamic landscape of social and digital realms. Amidst the constant evolution, a noteworthy trend emerged — the rise of ad-free subscriptions. Notably, a significant percentage of 18 to 34-year-olds, especially on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, are willing to pay for an ad-free digital experience. This potential shift could reshape campaign strategies, urging marketers to rethink their reliance on traditional advertising spend.

Purpose-Driven Marketing Sparks Growth

Speaker and Head of Communications for Adidas United Voices, Sina Port provoked thought with a crucial question: “If your product vanished tomorrow, what would the world miss the most about your brand?” (Spoiler Alert: customer service alone isn’t going to cut it.)

A brand’s purpose is becoming increasingly vital, with 74% of consumers expecting brands to align with a purpose. This figure jumps to 50% willing to pay a premium for purpose-driven brands. For those embracing sustainability or aiming for Net Zero, effective communication strategies can yield profits that are 5-7% higher than before.

If you’re taking the steps towards sustainability, or already working toward Net Zero, our sustainability experts can guide you on how to communicate this with your stakeholders, customers, and the wider public.

Employee Generated Content for Talent Management

Move over UGC, it’s now time for EGC. Employee Generated Content is hyped as the new UGC – and it’s doing tremendous work for brands.

A ‘Day in the Life’ video, for instance, offers a unique perspective on your brand and culture, attracting top-tier talent, aiding marketing efforts, and facilitating market research. Harnessing EGC can break the brand’s echo chamber, driving awareness and authenticity.

You can learn more about improving your internal communications or auditing your current communications with the Internal Wire.

Embrace the New

Testing the water with something new is almost always a good idea. Brands often hesitate to explore untested platforms or features due to preconceived notions. However, being open to experimentation, whether it’s Threads or TikTok, can break down barriers and lead to new opportunities. If your content resonates with your audience and adds value, it’s just a matter of time before you find your niche.

Continual Adaption is Key

With the fast-paced evolution of social and digital platforms, continual adaptation is non-negotiable. What worked yesterday may not work today. Beyond keeping up with trends, it’s crucial to revisit and reassess campaign goals, tracking metrics, and optimisation strategies regularly. A campaign means nothing without its goals – and how you track and measure these is equally important.

If you’re finding it all a bit overwhelming, the Reporting Lab can be your partner to ensure that your communications deliver the right results.

Strategic Silence in Communications

In a world where noise is constant, strategic silence stands out. Rather than rigidly adhering to posting schedules, focus on content that inspires, educates, engages, or empowers your audience. Consistency is vital, but so is providing value. Knowing when to remain silent in your communications plan is as critical as active engagement.

If you’d like more information how we could help with your communications plans in 2024, email

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