In this month’s Business Plus Public Relations special report, our Managing Director and CEO, Susie Horgan, speaks about the importance of reputation management and how support required for internal communications is on a steady incline.


2022 was a significant milestone for us as we celebrated our tenth year in business. We are delighted to see our growth continue into 2023, and this momentum was recognised with us winning PRCA Agency of the Year in our category at the Awards for Excellence in Public Relations. While media relations and content creation remain very much in demand, we have seen significant demand for our strategic advisory and thought leadership support. In addition, we have seen continued growth in internal communications as our partners continue to build their employee brands in a competitive talent market. While all businesses including our own have been impacted by rising costs and price increases, reputation management is still a top priority for our clients. Our team is relentless on measuring the outcomes of our activity and that are clients’ business objectives are being met. 


Sustainability is no longer an add-on to how our partners run their businesses; it is a fundamental part of their business strategy. It is our job to ensure that this is communicated to all stakeholders in an authentic and credible way. Cut through can be a challenge but essentially it is back to the fundamentals in terms of finding that storytelling sweet spot and showing the real impact of activities. 


With all new technology, there is risk and opportunity. It is vital for all our team to understand AI and see it as an asset for automation, streamlining processes and data analysis. However, the strategic insight, emotional intelligence and human connection that we possess will always be needed for effective strategic communications. 

For more information on how to effectively manage your reputation, contact: or visit our Internal Wire service offering page. 

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