Webinars are a great way to provide useful content to your customers, but opening up your webinar to your wider network, beyond existing customers can help you increase brand awareness as well as attract new leads for your business. Here is how to capture and maximise webinar leads, to ensure you maximise the lead generation opportunities – before, during and after the webinar. 

At Springboard, we can create a campaign that captures and maximises potential leads, with engaging content, social communications and email marketing. For more information, visit our dedicated service The Strategy Hub.

Running into the webinar

  • Actively push out content related to your webinar in advance to whet appetites on social media and increase sign-ups – continue this push right up to when the webinar goes live 
  • Send reminder emails to your existing client and stakeholder databases who have not yet signed up, telling them there are still some places left
  • Send reminder emails and login details an hour before the webinar. In our experience, people can forget about the webinar on the day of so it’s always good to remind them

During the webinar

  • Capture screen grabs of the presentation during the webinar and share on your social channels. Consider also using a dedicated hashtag and share that with viewers at the start, encouraging them to post to their profiles
  • Upsell your next webinar at the end and let them know where to sign up
  • Take note of those who asked questions and follow up with a direct email offering further context to their query 

After the webinar

  • Create a landing page on your website with your walled slides, where people (even those who didn’t attend) have to give their contact details to download the slides.
  • Share the URL of the landing page on your social channels and send an email blast to your database, inviting people to sign up to download slides, which will allow you to capture even more leads
  • Upload a related blog to the website and push it out via your social channels with calls-to-action to sign up for the next webinar and to download slides from previous webinars

For more information on how to capture and maximise webinar leads, email info@springboardcommunications.ie

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