A unique remote case management system for occupational health has been launched today by leading Irish occupational health providers Cognate Health. The system will support businesses in the current public health emergency, along with alleviating an overburdened healthcare system. 

The roll-out of Dayone+, initially due to take place in April, has been brought forward to assist businesses in their duty of care to employees, with access to expert clinical advice from dedicated occupational health practitioners.  Dayone+ reduces the time it takes to get employees back to health by opening the lines of communication remotely from the first day of sickness absence. 

Managing Director at Cognate Health, Professor John Gallagher said: “These are extraordinary times and out of necessity, we have brought forward the launch of our remote case management service, Dayone+. This allows for a dedicated case manager to make early contact and work with an employee to bring them back to health, while keeping the business informed every step of the way.” 

The service can remotely assess employees who have been in self-isolation and need work-related advice prior to returning to work. It will also advise employers on the necessary steps they can take if an employee is suffering from Covid-like symptoms such as a fever, cough or respiratory difficulties.  

Speaking on the assistance Dayone+ will be for businesses in the current economy, Professor Gallagher added: “The ‘home office’ is set to become the new normal for many of us for a while. However, coping with this, along with the situation we are now finding ourselves in, can lead to profound physical and psychological effects.

“Many companies are coming to terms with having teams now working remotely and may not have all the systems in place yet on best workplace management. Coupled with this, remote working can be lonely, especially when you haven’t done it before, and many people are also carrying additional worries on their shoulders such as elderly parents, no childcare, and financial concerns. This will only grow in the foreseeable future. 

“Whether you are working remotely or traditionally, there will always be a need for occupational health services and we are here to cater for both with the launch of this platform.”

Full details on Dayone+ can be found at www.cognatehealth.ie/dayoneplus

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