• 71% of Irish employees say the volume of communication from their employer has increased since March 2020.
  • Over three quarters of Irish workers (77%) say their company’s internal communications need to be improved.
  • 30% don’t find the internal communications content they are sent useful.
  • 35% say their organisation’s internal communications could be improved by including clear and transparent business updates.
  • 23% are not clear on their organisation’s business goals. 
  • Almost half of employees (47%) receive daily official communications from their organisations.

Download our latest survey report to find out more about how Irish employees are adjusting to the new world of working. 

71% of Irish employees say the volume of communication from their employer has increased since the pandemic began but almost a third don’t think the information shared is useful. The findings come from research carried out by leading Irish integrated communications agency Springboard Communications, investigating the impact of remote working and employee sentiment around internal communications in their organisation.  

The survey also found that over three quarters of Irish workers (77%) say their company’s internal communications needs to be improved. While almost half of employees (47%) are receiving daily official communications from their organisations, opportunities for two-way communication was the number one need for improvement cited by employees. The release of the research marks the launch of Springboard Communications’ The Internal Wire, a service dedicated to achieving internal communications results. In December 2020, Springboard Communications announced their rebrand from Springboard PR & Marketing.  

Springboard Communications Managing Director Susie Horgan said: “When the sudden shift to remote working happened back in March, many companies understandably upped the frequency of communication with their teams. Almost half receive daily official updates – but nearly a third of those surveyed don’t find the content shared useful. A year on, while management is talking to employees, are they really listening to what they need? 

“With the National Remote Work Strategy rolling out in September, now is the time for Irish organisations to audit how they are communicating with their employees. Are they doing it effectively with business goals in mind? Are they creating engaging, fresh content? Our Internal Wire service offers a complete framework to businesses who want to ignite or revamp their internal communications strategies. From an internal audit to targeted content creation, our experienced team enables companies to inform, inspire and engage their employees.”    

The importance of using internal communications to share business goals was also highlighted, with 23% of survey respondents saying they are not clear on their organisation’s business goals.   

Ms. Horgan added: “Alarmingly, our survey also found that almost a quarter are unclear on what their organisation’s business goals are. To achieve those goals, employees need to first understand them. We understand the challenges facing Irish businesses. We have seen first-hand from our work that strategic internal communications ensures results are delivered by clearly communicating them to employees. This appetite for relevant knowledge is borne out by our findings – 35% say their organisation’s internal communications could be improved by including clear and transparent business updates.”  

Contact Springboard Communications Client Manager, Ciara Flaherty to discuss your internal communications strategy. Visit our dedicated service The Internal Wire.

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