Positive Media Coverage? Time To Amplify It. Positive media coverage is a key objective for most businesses. However, what happens once it’s secured? Often companies don’t know what to do with their valuable column inches or minutes of airtime to maximise the exposure. Here are our top tips on how to leverage positive media publicity.

TIP #1: SHARE THE GOOD NEWS instagram-irish-influencers-2018

To amplify good news, use your company’s social media platforms. Use links to online articles, capture screengrabs of the feature from digital papers, or simply take a photo. Then get sharing across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other social platforms you may have. Look to tag the relevant media outlet, and journalists where possible. Also ensure the individuals featured in the piece do the same on their own social platforms.

Our Spring³ Digital Content Framework leverages one piece of content for maximum reach and engagement. Taking earned media, like a positive news story, and using your company’s owned platforms means that positive coverage can be promoted. It can then be amplified with digital spend such as Facebook and LinkedIn sponsored posts. This helps build sales, grow your brand and increase engagement.


Once live, upload the article to the ‘news’ section of your company’s website, clearly stating the publication and date. For any potential new clients who are coming onto your site, the article will be there for them to view. This will give third party credibility. People want to do business with thought leaders in the industry.


Positive news = positive energy.

Ensure all employees know about the media coverage by emailing a link or details. Feeling included in the success of the company will mean they are also likely share it themselves on their own social media accounts.

TIP #4: ADD TO YOUR NEWSLETTER springboard-new-website-mobile-optimise-SEO-digital

Look to include the article in your company’s e-zine. Pushing positive media coverage on this platform is a great vehicle to let staff, clients, stakeholders, and potential customers who have signed up to newsletters, read about the publicity. This is an effective way to ensure your company is positioned at the forefront of its sector.

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