Whether it be on the commute, behind the desk or working from home, the Irish workforce is spending more and more time with their earphones in consuming audio content, so we’ve compiled ‘Springboard’s 5 essential podcast listens for Irish Business’.

The reasons for this could be anything from professional intrigue or the hunger to stay up-to-date on everything, all the way to habit or simply just boredom. But, the facts of the matter are, over a third of Irish people will have listened to a podcast within the last month – according to figures from Reuters.

That stat shouldn’t surprise you because Ireland has always been a country fascinated by the medium of audio and radios remain an essential fixture in most Irish offices.

But, what Irish podcasts or shows should you be listening to if you have a keen interested in Business? Here’s five listens we reckon you should tune into to fill up your working day:

Inside business with Ciarán Hancock

Hosted by The Irish Times Business Editor Ciarán Hancock, the Inside Business podcast covers Irish business and economics in the same rigorous manner you’d expect from one of the country’s top publications.

Ciarán welcomes industry experts and analysts from all fields of business to the show every Wednesday, as well as some of his colleagues from the journalism field.

We know it’s one we look forward to dropping into our podcast feeds, so why not check it out here.

Down to Business with Bobby Kerr

If you love your business listens, then you have surely heard the distinctive tones of the voice of Bobby Kerr.

The sheer popularity of the former Irish Dragons Den member has seen Newstalk give him two whole hours devoted to his insights into all things business.

You can catch Bobby on Saturday’s on Down to Business between 10am-12pm on the station or on whatever platform you consume your podcasts on. Here’s his latest episode to get you started.

The David McWilliams Podcast

When it comes to business in Ireland, there may not be a more recognisable face than that of economist, journalist and broadcaster David McWilliams.

David has been a mainstay of the Irish media for nearly two decades and has appeared in numerous televisions shows as their go-to expert on the subject of economics.

Every Monday you can catch his extremely popular show The David McWilliams’ Podcast in your feeds and you can dive into his most recent offering here.

The Irish Tech News Podcast


If you are passionate about the technology sector when it comes to business, then you must give The Irish Tech News Podcast a download.

Hosted by the Irish Tech News team, the show features everyone from founders and CEOs of tech companies to thought leaders and cybersecurity experts working in the tech business. The podcast even had the Head Of AI at NASA, Dr Steve Chien on one show!

New episodes are uploaded multiple times a week and if you want to give the latest one a listen, you can find it here.

The Business with Richard Curran

Richard Curran hosts this weekly show on RTÉ Radio One, where he takes a deep dive into the biggest business stories of the week with the help of expert guests.

He also interviews some fascinating figures from the Irish business scene, from start-up entrepreneurs all the way up to the heads of Ireland’s biggest companies.

You can catch it live on Saturdays at 10am, or listen back wherever you get your podcasts or check it out on the RTÉ website here. 

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As Senior Account Manager, Ciara drives communication campaigns for clients in a variety of sectors including technology, law, financial services and healthcare. A law graduate, she also has an excellent sense of the media landscape, both traditional and new, having worked for the Irish Examiner and breakingnews.ie.

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