Central Statistics Office Digital Strategy - Exceptional Results


In 2019, CSO launched its Because You Told Us campaign during the National Ploughing Championships. Springboard was tasked to create a Central Statistics Office Digital Strategy that would:

  • Raise awareness of the need for key stakeholders to partake in CSO surveys
  • Direct people to a dedicated online landing page
  • Target key stakeholders that may not have been accessible through traditional advertising



Following a strategy planning meeting, Springboard developed a targeted social media strategy that would take the CSO through the lead-up to the campaign launch, the launch itself and the aftermath.

This focused on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, spreading awareness and compelling people to click through to the dedicated landing page at cso.ie.

We understood the size and scope of the National Ploughing Championships and worked with the client on how to best optimise their attendance at the event. Utilising the event’s strong digital presence across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels was crucial for this campaign.

We created:

  • A comprehensive Central Statistics Office digital strategy
  • Campaign objectives
  • Pillars of conversation and tone of voice guidelines
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • A messaging matrix
  • A dedicated hashtag for this campaign — #TellUsIreland
  • A list of key groups and organisations to target, including key handles and hashtags relating to the National Ploughing Championships and its exhibitors
  • Handles for key influencers and appropriate content for same
  • A dedicated social media calendar for four weeks for three platforms
  • Engaging competitions and content to drive engagement


  • During our four-week campaign, Facebook followers increased by 176%
  • Facebook page likes more than doubled
  • Twitter followers increased by 4%
  • Instagram followers increased by 34%

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