We partnered with Laya  to realise their organisational vision for enhancing team member engagement and empowering IC. At the core of this strategic transformation was the launch and ongoing engagement of their bespoke IC platform, Pulse+. It was a strategic step forward in Laya’s journey towards fostering long-lasting and meaningful connections with their team members.

Client Objectives:  

In recognising the vital role of recognition and rewards (R&R) and employee engagement in an organisation’s success, Laya Healthcare’s strategic vision was firmly centred on these key elements. The objectives were clear: to foster unwavering engagement, empower employees through strategic R&R initiatives, and create a culture of active participation in Laya’s mission.

•Maximising Organisational Engagement: The overarching goal was to create a culture of unwavering engagement across the organisation, ensuring that every team member was an active and strategic participant in Laya’s mission and vision. The strategic intent was to inspire employees to go above and beyond their roles, driven by a deep sense of engagement.
•Empowering through R&R: A pivotal aspect of the campaign was to empower team members through strategic R&R initiatives. The objective was to not only recognise and reward their contributions but also motivate them to excel, nurturing a sense of belonging and alignment with Laya’s strategic goals.
•Content Excellence for Engagement: The campaign’s strategic objective was to create content that was not only relevant but also highly engaging. This content was designed to foster a sense of belonging and create a spirit of active participation. The campaign was a strategic effort to cultivate long-term engagement and R&R excellence, setting the stage for Laya’s ongoing internal communication evolution.


Springboard Communications devised the following IC campaign execution:

•Development of a Robust IC Strategy: This encompassed a comprehensive exploration of Laya’s organisational structure and internal culture. Through a dedicated strategic session, we delved into the core of Laya’s values, devised a tone of voice that resonated, and outlined a strategy for crafting content that would stick with team members.
•Strategic Content Creation: A key element of our approach was the creation of content that not only explained Pulse+ but also drove home its value. We strategically crafted a ‘Welcome to Pulse+’ explainer video, featuring Director of HR and Team Development, Bríd Seymour. This video was a move to welcome Laya team members to Pulse+ and provide a clear understanding of its multitude of benefits. Further content included a series of one-minute ‘fireside’ Q&A videos that showcased Laya team members from diverse departments. These videos served as engagement tools to humanise the platform and create a sense of community. We also prepared a user-friendly Pulse+ Playbook, an asset that was shared with Laya team members on launch day, ensuring they could seamlessly navigate the platform.
•Event Assistance: On the day of the launch, Springboard partnered with Laya to deliver promotional signage and desk drops, ensuring that the launch of Pulse+ was a milestone in Laya’s internal communication evolution.


In the collaboration between Springboard Communications and Laya Healthcare, our campaign execution played a pivotal role in bringing Pulse+ to life. This journey was about more than just a platform launch; it was a strategic endeavour that aimed at R&R, employer branding and employee engagement. The results were:

•Increased Team Engagement: The development of a robust IC strategy, tailored to Laya’s organisational structure and culture, resulted in heightened team engagement. On launch day, some 93% of the team logged into Pulse+
•Improved Communication Effectiveness: Successful and strong content creation led to improved communication effectiveness within the organisation. 98% of Laya team members accessed the platform at least once during the launch month.
•Enhanced User Experience: The creation of a user-friendly Pulse+ Playbook and content resulted in an improved user experience. The daily active users’ rate stood at 83% and 14% of users are accessing Pulse+ via the mobile app, which is strong.
•Creation of a Sense of Community: The ‘fireside’ Q&A videos and content humanised the platform and fostered a sense of community among team members.

Launching Pulse+ was a major milestone for us. I want to thank Springboard for your support and hard work, all of which helped make our launch today so memorable and great. Thank you, we’ve really enjoyed and been impressed by the work of all the Springboard team on this. – Aideen McGrath, PR and Communications Manager at laya healthcare

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