The Brief:

Zeus is an Irish company rapidly growing to achieve a half-billion-euro annual turnover. The company specialises in packaging solutions and is on an accelerated global growth journey. Zeus founder Brian O’Sullivan plays a crucial role in the company’s direction and expansion.

Client Objectives:  

Springboard has been working with Zeus since 2018. As a scaling company, Zeus is developing their global reach through acquisition, supported by strategic communications. Springboard Communications was engaged as their outsourced media office to lead their communication efforts. The primary objectives are as follows:

  • Elevate Zeus’s global presence commanding attention not only in Ireland but also in pivotal international markets
  • Enhance Brian O’Sullivan’s profile as a global industry leader, the driving force behind Zeus
  • Manage and uphold Zeus’ reputation as an Irish-owned global player making significant strides on the international stage

The Execution:

To achieve these objectives, Springboard Communications orchestrated a multifaceted communications strategy with the global vision always front of mind. The key activities included:

  • Strategic Media Strategy Development: Springboard Communications crafted a robust media strategy to ensure the conveyance of Zeus’ messaging to their target audience across diverse global markets.
  • Global Media Releases Composition and Dissemination: Springboard Communications managed the conception and global distribution of media releases, strategically reaching the influential circles of European and North American business and trade media.
  • Newswire Services Management: When appropriate, engaged newswire services, engineering the reach and impact of Zeus’s latest news and updates to engage relevant audiences.
  • Key Messaging Development: In collaboration with Zeus, we devised key messaging that not only aligns with the company’s overarching goals but is also tailored to the nuances of diverse regional markets, offering a synchronised and strategic approach to global communication.
  • Strategic Content Management: Springboard managed various facets of content creation, intertwining photography with media releases to create a compelling narrative. This reinforcement strengthened Zeus’s position as a distinguished global brand, elevating its strategic global presence.
  • Profile Building: Springboard Communications developed a campaign to amplify Zeus’ CEO, Brian O’Sullivan, on the global stage. This included securing high-profile business interviews and supporting Brian’s participation in the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year campaign.

The Results:

The partnership between Zeus and Springboard Communications yielded a series of key outcomes directly linked to the company’s business objectives:

  • Elevated Global Brand Awareness: The company achieved extensive media coverage enriched with strategically aligned key messaging in pivotal markets, including Ireland, Canada, Poland, Italy, the UK, and beyond. This amplified visibility and fortified Zeus’s brand presence in these regions.
  • Critical Business Developments: Springboard Communications managed the communication surrounding Zeus’ consequential business developments, ranging from strategic acquisitions to the announcement of key appointments. This approach ensured that both key stakeholders and a broader global audience remained well-informed about these milestones.
  • Profile Elevation of Brian O’Sullivan: As a result of our communications strategy, Brian O’Sullivan saw an elevation in his profile within Ireland’s business landscape. Our strategic efforts secured prominent business interview profiles in high-profile publications such as the Sunday Times, Sunday Independent, Irish Times, and Irish Independent. During this time, Brian was also named as the overall EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2022.

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