“There is a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future on the planet,” 

A stark message from the latest United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) detailing the latest global consensus on sustainability and climate science. The evidence is clear that time is not on our side and delay is no longer an option as the report states that, “decisions society makes in the next decade will set the climate path to come.”

Action is needed now.

Goodbye Greenwashing

Unfortunately, we have all seen examples of organisations trying to reap the benefits of going green in words, without backing it up with actions. This is no longer an option as climate conscious consumers can see right through it, and will publicly call organisations out on it. Even with increased government regulation, and consumer demand for sustainability, some businesses still continue to ignore this pressing issue.

Greenwashing should no longer be treated as an acceptable branding exercise. A credible sustainability strategy, with concrete actions and targets is now a must have, as consumers demand that brands play their part in addressing climate change. Interestingly, a recent survey taken by industry professionals, conducted by Purpose Disruptors Ireland, the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) and Public Relations Consultant Association (PRCA), found that only 37% of Irish organisations have a sustainability plan or policy in place. Supported by the 2021 EIB report, which revealed that only 19% of Irish organisations have active climate targets, in comparison to 41% of their European counterparts.  

Our Partnership Approach

At Springboard Communications, we put strategy at the heart of everything we do and we believe that every story we tell needs to be authentic. To tell a credible story, your business needs a strong foundation, based on an honest, transparent and measurable sustainability journey. A sustainability strategy that is focused on people, planet and profit, is imperative for a successful modern-day business.

Consumers are demanding more than cardboard straws and empty eco-friendly promises from brands, as immediate visible action is required. Customers are eager to know how a company is sourcing its energy, reducing its plastic waste, building its sustainable reputation, and how every person or employee involved is supported along the way.

Ultimately, a company that talks the talk without walking the walk, will not be tolerated. Customers don’t expect perfection, however, they do deserve authenticity. Sharing your sustainable goals, and being honest about how far you’ve come, will encourage consumers to respect your sustainability journey.

Our approach at Springboard Communications centres on partnership. We want to partner with organisations to help them communicate their sustainability journey. Identifying and sharing this progress will resonate with consumer audiences. We are not interested in quick wins; at Springboard we build authentic narratives to nurture stronger relationships by harnessing the power of communications to create a real impact.  

To find out more about how Springboard Communications can help you with conveying your sustainability journey, contact Sandy Boundy, Director of Strategy & Insight, via: sandy@springboardcommunications.ie  

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