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One of the most common mistakes businesses make is focusing solely on the design of their website and neglecting the written content that can be found on it.

Though we all appreciate an attractive, easy-to-navigate web page, without quality content, visual appearance is essentially worthless. Copywriting agency support can be crucial here. 

The following paragraphs explore the importance of creating content for your URLs, and the benefits exceptional text offers— to your customers, to search engines and to your business itself.

There are a variety of reasons for using high-quality content on your website. Springboard can copywrite for you

Specifically, doing so will benefit:

1. Your Customers.  

People navigate to your website in order to obtain information. They are usually looking for things like your hours, your contact information, your services, perhaps some background on your business, your events— things like that.

It is imperative that these details be communicated to visitors in a clear and concise manner. Information should be easy to find— with proper page titles, headings, and subheadings—and be well written to ensure it’s simple to follow and digest.

Content containing grammatical errors and poorly-constructed sentences and paragraphs is generally sloppy. It will cause confusion for readers, not to mention look extremely unprofessional. Text should be interesting and even creative, if possible.

Try to make the reading experience enjoyable; intrigue the reader with amusing facts or inventive copywriting. Visitors will be grateful that their reading experience has been both informative and pleasant.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Proper page titles, linking of text and generally well-written content are all recognised by search engines. The page titles communicate exactly what the page is to the search engine. Linking text tells Google (and users) what can be found on any given page and it’s essential that the text describing an external or internal link (also known as “anchor text”) is accurate.

If the text claims that a link shows a video of the founder of your business, yet it directs a user to a picture of a cat wearing a dress, both the search engine and the site’s visitors will be confused.

Text with specific keywords is also helpful, provided the text is easy to read and doesn’t contain an over-usage of those keywords. Once again, before implementing any writing, make absolutely sure that there are no grammatical errors. Mistakes reflect poorly on your business, and they have the potential to confuse search engines.

Looking for another reason to strive for great content? Interesting content also improves SEO by the very fact that it is more likely to be shared on social media. To make sharing easy, provide share widgets on your pages wherever possible.

3. Your Business.

In this digital age, your website is usually a person’s first impression of your business. Text that isn’t well written conveys laziness and incompetence— two things you certainly do not want associated with your business.

Bad writing and grammatical mistakes are unprofessional and a sure-fire way to make potential customers migrate away from your site to the homepage of one of your competitors. If you aren’t comfortable attending an important business meeting in pyjamas then you should not be comfortable presenting the public with a website that is not perfect.

Having a well-constructed website, complete with all the essential components, is one of the smartest business moves you can make. Your website is your digital shop-front, and it takes time plus effort to make it as appealing as possible. Neglecting the content of your site is like having an empty display window: it’s pointless and a waste of resources.

Though creating an exceptional site can be tedious, the results are well worth the time and financial investment. The importance of good content on your website cannot be stressed enough and should be a top priority.

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As Senior Account Manager, Ciara drives communication campaigns for clients in a variety of sectors including technology, law, financial services and healthcare. A law graduate, she also has an excellent sense of the media landscape, both traditional and new, having worked for the Irish Examiner and

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