The last 18 months have been a period of unprecedented change and the role for communications has rarely been more pressing – across government, business and society. 

The world of work has changed beyond recognition for many of us and during this time communications has been a key driving force in how organisations have navigated the new normal. 

The value of communications has been showcased in ways not seen before the pandemic, in the boardroom and on the bottom line. As we look ahead to 2022 there are three key trends that look set to shape the year ahead.

The era of empathy has arrived 

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is the value of trust and authenticity. Particularly when it comes to communications. In fact it could be argued that corporate speak as we know it is dead and it is empathy that we expect from our leaders in the year ahead. 

Taking an empathic stance allows the C-suite to build trust with both internal and external audiences and engage in authentic communications that cuts through the noise. Think back to how Glenisk chose to communicate around their factory fire – the tone set by the CEO saw humanity shine through and has helped not only protect reputation but also drive future sales as customers across Ireland vowed to show their support for the brand. 

At Springboard Communications we are experts in helping organisations and business leaders define, articulate and embed authentic communications programmes. Starting with our Strategy Hub straight through to our Content Studio and Reporting Lab we provide a full-service communications consultancy that makes a measurable difference. 

The rise of local, not global 

To truly engage audiences, communications needs to be hyper-local in 2022. Continuing to rely on a global to local strategy, with central control of the corporate narrative and storytelling, only sets you up for failure. 

Brands and organisations need to be able to talk the local language and do so in a way that resonates on a cultural and social level. One company who has consistently led the way on this over the past few years is Skoda through their ‘Made for Ireland’ campaign. The car manufacturer has centred its communications around Irish history and culture – from celebrating Irish myths at Dublin Airport to a tongue in cheek look at the new Ireland through its ad series – and building affinity with prospective buyers along the way. 

This integrated approach to communications is one that drives our approach at Springboard Communciations. Businesses need to understand how, where and when to communicate with their priority audiences while maintaining a consistent narrative. Our Leadership Centre and Internal Wire are designed to help you do just that. 

The need for purpose in action  

Purpose’s place in the boardroom is well established. And that’s become a problem. Because too often we see beautifully designed purposeful business plans gathering dust on a shelf rather than being brought to life across an organisation. In 2022 purpose can no longer afford to be the preserve of the few but needs to be communicated and evidenced in ways that are tangible for everyone across the business. Sustainability should not be a separate plan, driven by a separate department but instead a core part of every organisation’s overall business strategy. 

One company who have been ahead of the curve on this are SuperValu whose core brand promise – Real Food. Real People – has really been brought to life over the last 18 months. When retail became the new frontline, SuperValu focused on keeping everyone safe, keeping the shelves stocked, supporting colleagues,  their suppliers and the wider community. This purpose in action has guided all campaigns, communications and charity partnerships. 

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you on your purposeful business journey – whatever stage you find yourself at – we’re here to help. From uncovering your purpose and values by working with your leadership team through our Strategy Hub, developing employee advocacy programmes showing how your purpose comes to life via our Internal Wire to developing content through our content studio for your internal and external channels. 

 To find out more about how Springboard Communications can help you contact  or find out more about what we do.

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