Landing pages are also known as a lead capture page. A landing page usually stands alone, separate from the main webpage that is dedicated to one single product, campaign or service.



A landing page exists to guide customers towards a single objective.

There are two types of landing pages;

Click-through – provides customers with details about the product and a link to the shopping cart.

Lead-generation – captures essential data from customers, such as email addresses, usually in exchange for content that they need/want.

There are a number of reasons why we advise our clients to create a landing page:

  • Capture user data
  • Registration for a Webinar
  • Disseminate Whitepapers
  • Promote a product launch
  • Book a consultation for professional services
  • Download vouchers and/or offers



At Springboard PR we encourage our clients not to deviate from the intended message. This means that the call-to-action and the headline of the landing page must be consistent. You should include a very brief description of the offer, product or service. In our previous blogs, we outlined the power of visual content marketing, so you will know that it is extremely important to include a simple image that conveys the message in your landing page.

Brighten up the landing page with colour and white space. We believe in simplicity, so don’t overcrowd the landing page with too much information or distracting imagery, this will only dilute the message. At Springboard PR, we love any opportunity to encourage our customers to spread the word, so remember to include media sharing buttons. It is always a good idea to include testimonials and/or logos that will stand to the products quality.



When your customer has clicked on the call to action and submitted any necessary details, make sure to thank them and include another action. For example;

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