Office etiquette is being re-written after new research revealed making tea or coffee for colleagues could help workers in Ireland get ahead in their careers.

The study by Viking, the direct mail and online office supplies expert, reveals making a cup of tea at work has never been more important, with 64% of people in Ireland admitting that they are willing to make the boss multiple hot beverages to get on in their careers

Despite a reluctance to volunteer, most office workers believe there is direct correlation between making drinks for colleagues and getting on at work and 38% believe their own promotion has been in part due to their ‘cuppa’ making proficiency.

John O’Keeffe, Commercial Director at Viking said; “Viking’s research of small businesses across the Republic of Ireland has found there is a direct correlation between making lots of hot drinks for colleagues and getting promoted at work. It is mainly because being prepared to make the tea or coffee demonstrates qualities such as attentiveness, humility and pro-activity which many employers welcome.”

There was a significant correlation between tea or coffee drinking and productivity in the office. The Viking survey showed that 52% can’t function without their morning cuppa with 69% drinking 3 cups or more during their working day.

1081 office workers in the ROI took the survey.

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