Companies and organisations are focused more than ever on talent retention and acquisition making it a key business objective. With the goal of attracting talent in mind, it is vital to communicate the value you create for existing and perspective employees in addition to salary and benefits. Value can be created through a positive culture, a clear purpose and values that are brought to life in meaningful initiatives.  

There is great opportunity for “establishing and communicating an organisation’s culture, values and personality to both internal and external audiences” – Forbes.  

Communicating your purpose and values both internally and externally will support your talent retention and acquisition goals. Clear and consistent communication internally supports employee engagement while communicating outside of the organisation engages a wider audience of potential employees, raising awareness in general among families, friends and referrers.  

Alignment of values  

The ‘Great Resignation’ or ‘Great Rethink’ post pandemic has been well documented and may be understood in the context of a change in priorities, a greater need for meaning and alignment with individual values. 

To attract talent in a candidate driven market, employers must stand out, clearly demonstrating how the organisation makes a difference.  

What are the needs or pains currently for existing employees and potential recruits? 

Take Generation Z for example, Amarach Research in April 2022 found that: “The greatest fears for Gen Zs are unaffordable living costs (79%) and climate change (78%).” 

Having clear sustainability targets and plans to achieve them are essential.  

In addition to sustainability, to stand out as an employer of choice in a competitive landscape, it is vital to show a proven commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, employee recognition and growth, wellness and community and social impact.  

Clear messaging  

Clear messaging will reflect your organisation’s established values and commitment to progress through putting practical actions in place.  

Once you have established your key messages, founded in programmes and initiatives to support your values, this will help to differentiate you as an employer of choice, building your reputation around what matters to employees and potential new recruits. 

According to Forbes: “It’s time to get your employer brand out there through your current employees and by using tools like social media, media relations and performance marketing.” 

The article continues: “Glassdoor found that nearly 90% of surveyed HR professionals say recruitment is becoming more like marketing.” 


Ensure that as a company or organisation, you take the opportunity to show how your leadership is guided by values and best practices that matter to existing and perspective employees. This may be done through meaningful communication and storytelling.  When the stories leadership tells connect with your values as an organisation this opens up new ways to connect on a human level, both internally and externally. 

Opportunities to communicate 

With commitment from leadership, established values and purpose, supporting programmes and initiatives, conveyed in clear messaging, you are in a position to leverage opportunities to communicate to internal and external audiences.

Our strategic communications’ approach is underpinned by the aim of raising awareness of the benefits and key differentiators of a company or organisation. Increasing the profile of your employer brand must be a core element in your talent acquisition strategy. 

Through our dedicated strategy service, The Strategy Hub, and our internal communications offering, The Internal Wire, we help companies create and implement employer branding campaigns that tell compelling stories to their target audiences.   

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For more information on how to communicate your purpose and values effectively to attract talent contact our Director of Client Services Cathy Riordan.

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