Making Internal Communications a Priority in 2022

We know effective internal communications improves not only job satisfaction, productivity, and trust, but can also encourage collaboration among those in the organisation (Employee Engagement Survey, Gallup, 2017). 

The past two years has been a steep learning curve for both employees and management, changing how we work, collaborate and communicate. As a result, now more than ever, effective internal communications​ should form an integral part of your business planning. 

So while timelines are uncertain, the future of work looks set to be a blended approach, with teams no longer working together in the same place. That is why adopting and/or optimising your internal communications strategy now is key to ensure your team is informed and as a result aligned against your business goals. 

Find out how to do this by reading some of our research-led top tips below: 

Listen to your Employees 

As part of our Internal Wire service offering, Springboard carried out research among Irish employees, which starkly highlighted the impact of the pandemic. 77% of those surveyed think their organisation’s employee communications could be improved. 71% say that the volume of internal communications within their organisation has increased in the past six months. However, even with the increase in communications, 30% do not find the information shared useful.

You need to share information and content that your teams find of value – quality over quantity. 

To find out what they really care about, invite feedback. Our survey found that 85% of respondents want the opportunity to give feedback to their employers, with almost 46% saying there are no mechanisms in place to do this, and for those that do share feedback it is only sometimes addressed. Conduct Pulse surveys, host open forums for discussion and create mechanisms to receive suggestions and comments.

Develop your strategy – then plan

A clear strategy will help you navigate the changes over the coming months. It does not have to be long but setting out your strategy ensures you have a clear vision and direction for what you are trying to achieve.

You should then create your internal communications plan based on your strategy, with key objectives, activities and timelines. Allow room in this plan to adjust your approach, as and when the Government’s guidelines on living with Covid-19 change. 

To find out more about how to ignite your organisations internal communication strategy, contact our client manager, Ciara Flaherty

Ensure everyone is aligned on business goals 

Everyone should be on the same page when it comes to current business objectives and priorities. Springboard’s research found that 35% of respondents felt internal communications could be improved by including “clear and transparent business updates”. 

Your internal communications channels should be a trusted source of the truth and provide clear, timely guidance on what external developments mean for your company. Our Internal Wire service optimises your internal communications, so your employees are informed, engaged and inspired.

Create engaging content

31% of our survey respondents said their organisation’s internal communications could be improved by sharing engaging content. Employees are also 75% more likely to watch a video than read text (Forrester Research).  

Start implementing video and imagery as part of your internal communications and empowering your employees to create and share their own content. Springboard can work with you to create engaging content that will excite and inform.  

If you would like more information about how we can help with your internal communications and remote team engagement, click here or email our internal communications lead Ciara Flaherty on

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