Social media surrounds us on a daily basis. We have become saturated by these networks of information, and as if keeping up with the platforms themselves wasn’t difficult enough, we now have to keep up to speed with the various tools of each one. But it can be a lot easier than people think! Social media users have become au fait with the tips and tricks on Facebook and Twitter quite quickly, but people are still slightly hesitant to venture into the unknown on LinkedIn. As a platform with up to 332 million members the site is certainly one of great value and worth. Below are some of the main tools you should be utilising on the platform.

1. LinkedIn Pulse Pulse is an app which allows you to consume business news on the go. It has now joined forces with LinkedIn to provide an outlet which brings business related news specific to your interests. The feature allows you to choose which news and updates you would like to see. There are four areas you can choose from: recommended for you; influencers (insights from industry leaders); channels (a collection of insights grouped by topic); and publishers. These include news from global sources such as BBC news, New York Times etc. Pulse allows you to use LinkedIn as a portal of information where you can keep up to date on news and learn directly from the experts.

2. LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups are a fantastic way of engaging with colleagues and those interested in the same topics as you. The tool allows you to create and be the moderator of a group or participate in existing groups which are of interest to you and your profession. The platform is also excellent for promoting yourself as an industry expert by contributing to relevant discussions in your field. Social media is all about dialogue and this tool is a fantastic way to do so on LinkedIn.

3. Blog Posts Similar to LinkedIn Groups, extended blog posts can be a fantastic way to make your mark in the professional world. As mentioned, LinkedIn has a professional audience of 332 million and so sharing your expertise with even a fraction of these people not only gets your name out there but also promotes you as an industry leader with relevant skills and knowledge.

4. Sponsored Job Posts As LinkedIn is the main professional social media network for all things business and employment, it makes sense that employers use the website for advertising any upcoming vacancies. Like many job sites there is a fee, but the LinkedIn offer is a very competitive one. The standard job advert runs for four weeks and you are also given the option to sponsor your job. The option appears before you finalise your advert, you select a budget and only pay the additional fee once a candidate has applied.  Sponsoring your post on LinkedIn ensures that suitable candidates with genuine potential will see your vacancy either in their “Jobs you might be interested in” column or in their news feed. In addition to this, full statistics on who has seen and who has applied for the role are accessible also.

5. Keep in Touch We all know how easy it is to lose touch with people we have met in the past be it through college, prior employment or a business event. This is where LinkedIn is invaluable. It allows you to reconnect and stay in touch with those who you have worked with in the past, connect with those you are working with currently and reach out to those you may hope to work with in the future. In addition, LinkedIn will show you second degree connections as suggestions ensuring your professional circle grows. The Keep in Touch tool is easy to use and is vital for expanding your connections.

LinkedIn is one of many social media platforms but its niche is that it remains, for the most part, the most credible professional online network. It attracts everyone from the industry experts and leaders to the local budding entrepreneur providing all with a common space to connect, share and learn from each other. When used correctly the website can become your digital CV, act as a platform to promote yourself and your skills as well as having the potential to create new working relationships. Business is becoming increasingly more digital and LinkedIn is an instrumental tool in that. Learning how to use it and embrace it to benefit you and your business it is certainly the way forward.


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Susie founded Springboard in 2011, and has developed the business into a leading, director-led communications agency. She has worked for over 20 years in senior marketing and public relations roles.

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