Healthcare marketing isn’t easy. There are many rules and regulations to overcome, even in the digital world of sponsored posts and PPC. However, content marketing is an effective and efficient way of reaching out to your key audiences. Both end-users and your target customer in the B2B industry are likely to look for information on your product or service online. A strong content marketing strategy can not only capture these leads, but they can transform you into a thought-leader in your industry, and instil a sense of trust and loyalty in your brand.

Here’s our top tips to ensure you make your content more compelling.

1.) To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail

Everyone needs a working plan. This starts with the development of your key messages and finishes with the creation of specific content targeted to your “Buyer’s Persona”.  At Springboard, we use the four pillars of conversation to shape your key messages. After that, we generate a content calendar that works to incorporate all marketing and strategic activities in the company. This calendar looks to develop content and collateral around all key activities including seminars, blogs, events, promotions and more that would be of interest to and can connect with your key audiences. All content that we draft for social media platforms fits into these pre-agreed pillars of conversation.

healthcare-content-marketing-metrics2.) Know your end game

Too often organisations delve into the content marketing strategy without stopping to think about what they hope to achieve. You have to be very clear on what your goals are and what KPIs to measure along the way. Perhaps you need more sales, perhaps you want to generate more leads or more traffic to your website. Knowing these goals will help you to effectively evaluate content and ensure that it achieves what you need it to achieve.

3.) Leave out the jargon

When you are generating content for your brand such as blogs, social media posts or newsletters, avoid technical and dense information that may confuse your readers. Try to position yourself as helpful and engaging. Share the basics, and if they want to find out more, ensure you include a call-to action so that they know where they can find you.


In the healthcare industry, you need to be able to connect with people on a very human level. You need to ally yourself to your target audiences and ensure that you are perceived as a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable source. There are many ways for you to be able to position yourself in this light and create a real connection with your audience. Simple measures such as profiling key team members, updating your website and working on your thought leadership strategy can go miles towards improving your content strategy.

5.) Use your team

healthcare-content-medical-content-marketing-cork-dublin-kerryWe know that healthcare organisations, from nursing homes and fertility clinics to medical device manufacturers and medtech software specialists, have a wide variety of staff with different areas of expertise. At Springboard, we look to help these organisations extract key information from these people in an efficient and effective manner that seeks to raise their personal profiles and the company’s profile in tandem. We also work with organisations to harness the team and use the workforce to the company’s advantage. Your team is one of the strongest and most effective advocates of the brand when you first embark on your marketing strategy. It is vital that you let your team know how they can contribute in an effective and productive way.

6.) Embrace privacy

Organisations that are in the healthcare or medtech sectors have to overcome obstacles in the form of client or patient privacy. Very often this obstacle is the very reason that they haven’t developed their marketing strategy to its fullest extent as they are afraid of breaching this trust and confidentiality. However, when you become more innovative with your content, you will discover that there are many ways that you can improve your communications and personalise your social media profiles without breaking this confidentiality.

metrics-healthcare-kpi-irish-marketing-content-kerry7.) Metrics, metrics, metrics

At Springboard, we collect and analyse data on every piece of content that we put out to our clients’ audiences. By reviewing this data, we can see which content had a higher reach, which content had the greatest engagement and which content generated the most ‘buzz’ about a product or service. This helps us to hone our activity. We can then re-purpose or re-use content that worked well.





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Susie founded Springboard in 2011, and has developed the business into a leading, director-led communications agency. She has worked for over 20 years in senior marketing and public relations roles.

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