Instagram is now a key channel for more and more businesses. In 2021, it now has roughly one billion monthly active users so it’s definitely worthwhile sharpening your skills for the app. At Springboard Communications, we’ve put together our top tips to maximise the productivity of your company’s Instagram account:

What you post:

You must have a clear image of the audience you’re trying to engage with is on Instagram. You then need to ensure that the content you’re putting up is both timely and relevant to them. We strongly recommend making a content calendar so you know what, and when to post. We work with many clients via our content studio to do just this. This is a handy way to ensure you plan ahead and keep your posting on track and aligned with your overall communications objectives.

It looks very well when an account has a consistent theme throughout by using similar themes and captions.

Video is key:

We know from recent research from Instagram itself that the main reason people use instagram is to be entertained and video is a critical tool in doing this well. According to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, June 30, 2021, video is driving an immense amount of growth and that Instagram is no longer primarily a photo sharing app.  Focus on full screen, entertaining and mobile first video.

So the next time you’re looking to produce a new brand video or capture footage at the office or an event make sure you know where you’ll use it and that you capture footage in the right dimensions for that channel.

Instagram Stories:

You don’t want to bombard your followers’ feeds with multiple posts, so Insta stories is a handy way to engage with followers more. These shots last for just 24 hours and then live on longer on your own page. You can make things a bit more fun and quirky by using the ‘boomerang’ feature or you could try some of the stickers, filters and fun tools available. It can also be a nice way to give people a clearer idea of the type of people you and your team really are.

Go Live:

Instagram’s ‘go live’ feature is a great way to document any events or talks that some of your followers may be sad to miss. Build up the hype and gain more exposure by telling people about it. For example post a story earlier that day counting down to the live stream- “3 more hours until we go live! Is everyone ready?” This tool makes your followers feel included and it’s simple to use.

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