TikTok is the newest social media platform taking over the lives of teenagers (and young adults) worldwide. No longer dismissed as just a fad, TikTok is now one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world with over 1 billion monthly active users. With a reach this size, the opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audiences are endless. 

The business case.  

You may ask yourself ‘Why join TikTok if only the kids are using it?’. While TikTok was known to be popular among teens, their user profile is aging up, with over 45% of users now falling within the 20 – 49 age bracket. As well as reaching this audience, businesses have an opportunity to connect and interact with another key stakeholder – the large talent pool of potential recruits.   

Organisations on TikTok can use the platform as a tool to showcase their internal culture, attracting talent by sharing how enjoyable the company can be to work for. An example of a company getting this right is Middleton Meyers, a property management firm based in North Carolina. Sharing company perks, behind-the-scenes insight into events and other day-to-day activities has been lucrative for Middleton Myers as they have racked up 2.6 million likes and 164K followers since joining in March 2020. 

A goldmine for engagement, TikTok is known for its ‘addictive’ nature with 90% of users using the app multiple times a day. With multiple opportunities to connect, joining the platform gives businesses the ability to establish their brand on an international level and build a community and awareness while doing so.   

TikTok has also recently introduced a variety of advertising options for businesses including in-feed ads similar to Instagram and Facebook, as well as branded takeovers and effects such as stickers and filters. As with other social platforms, the level of investment varies for each option, so be sure to have clear goals in mind to maximise the return of your campaign. 

So, how does TikTok’s algorithm work?  

If you’re looking to get started on TikTok it is important to know how it works. The main discovery feed on TikTok is the ‘For You’ feed, which is unique and different for each user. The algorithm takes three key factors into consideration – interests, past behaviour, and results.  

Updates are first shared with a small group of users that have relevant interests, who have previously interacted with similar content. If the results of this test-run are positive, and an update receives high engagement (likes, comments shares), then the process is repeated, and the update is shared with more users.  

Top tip – it is important to use relevant hashtags on your posts in order reach audiences with shared interests.  

Remember to keep it real. 

When creating content, remember the audience you are trying to reach and develop authentic messages that will appeal to them. Blatant advertising messages won’t get you very far. It is creative content that will interest your stakeholders that will be rewarded by the TikTok algorithm. 

Generally, content shared on TikTok is light, uplifting and entertaining. This doesn’t mean you need to stray from your brand persona, however, keeping content positive and fun will go a long way towards boosting reach on the platform. For inspiration, check out a surprising ‘serious’ brand flourishing on TikTok – The Washington Post.  

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