With Patrick’s Day around the corner, it’s a great time to market your product or service while people are in a feel-good mood. Social media, of course, is always a large part of any marketing strategy, and even more so around holidays such as March 17th.

To maximise all potential opportunities for your business this coming weekend, here are our ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for social media.



Monitor scheduled posts

Make sure that you double and triple check any scheduled posts for correct spelling and timing. If you are planning an event, monitor social media. Remove any scheduled posts immediately if something occurs to compromise the event.



Forget brand guidelines for employees

Employees should be well briefed on social media guidelines at any time of the year, but particularly during public holidays.  They should not post any inappropriate content to social media. And don’t forget to remind them to log out of all work accounts, so as not to confuse public and personal profiles across the weekend.



Connect with your audiences

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Think of where they might be at that time and what their needs are. Are they avoiding the busy city? Or perhaps they looking for post-parade entertainment for the kids? Use your customer insights to connect and engage with them.



Forget your time zone

If you are working internationally, do take care to remember your time zones and push content out to relevant audiences at the right time. For example, while both Americans and the Irish celebrate Patrick’s Day, one sleeps whilst the other is awake. Ensure that all social media posts, emails and newsletters are delivered at the right time.



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Susie founded Springboard in 2011, and has developed the business into a leading, director-led communications agency. She has worked for over 20 years in senior marketing and public relations roles.

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