My first month as an Account Executive at Springboard Communications

A little over a month has passed since I joined the Springboard Communications team.  

So how has the first month panned out?

Busy. In a nutshell, it has been a busy few of weeks and agency life has certainly lived up to its fast-paced expectation, but it has been an enjoyable few of weeks, nonetheless.  

From day one I have been given lots of opportunity to get to know many of Springboard Communications’ clients. The first month consisted of a lot of questions – What do my clients do? What are they trying to achieve? Who are they trying to reach? – All very standard questions I am sure, but thankfully the team have been more than accommodating offering to assist me in any way they can.  

Putting your skills to work

I have found, carrying out competitor analysis’ and market research for both new and existing clients to be a great way of familiarising myself with key target publications, while developing a better understanding of each client industry and what Springboard do to help from a communications perspective.  

Creating content, working on newsletters, drafting media releases and posting on client websites has given me the opportunity to hone my own natural writing skills, while also developing a sense of more technical styles of writing. 

The truth

Public Relations is often misunderstood, being seen  as an industry of ‘spin’, but with Springboard Communications I have found this could not be further from the truth. Client communication is planned and consistent with authentic and transparent partnerships.  

Looking to the future, I certainly have a lot more to learn but I feel I am in the right place to do so. I consider myself extremely lucky to be part of such a driven team of professionals that genuinely care about their clients. I am looking forward to growing in my role at Springboard Communications.  

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