Twitter has released a new Moments feature which will be rolled out across the UK today. Launched in the US, the new Moments feature can be found on a new tab, situated between ‘Notifications’ and ‘Home’.


What is it?

Twitter Moments is a news curation tool. Twitter creates key “moments” and supplies a selection of images, tweets, vines and gifs. Each moment is updated with fresh content and there are subcategories of moments including sports, news, today, entertainment and fun.


What does Twitter Moments do?


Twitter is packed full of celebrity stories, key influencers, world leaders and unique and unusual stories, but with all these different conversations going on, it can be hard to keep track. Twitter noticed that users were experiencing difficulty accessing all these unique moments because users had no way of finding them. With Twitter moments, Twitter finds the best content for you, bringing you the finest commentary as it unfolds. You don’t even need to know who to follow, Twitter does it all for you.


Why do we like it?


What’s not to like? Here are our favourite parts;

  • It doesn’t clog up your news feed,
  • it curates Twitter’s best content that you would never find on your own
  • it updates itself and fades away when the moment is over
  • It will inspire you with new stories that opens your Twitter sphere to users you should be following















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