We work with clients regularly to develop their employer branding through a variety of activities to ensure they attract and retain top talent in the competitive jobs market. Social media is a fantastic way to support recruitment activities. Here are our 3 ways to use social media to attract top talent.


Let your team shine

Showing off the friendly and professional faces of your team can give personality to the company. Showing the team in photos and videos add warmth and personality to the company.  This content can promote your organisation as a great place to work and attract the right candidates to the company. Developing your team as thought leaders also demonstrate their expertise in the industry and further positions your company as an aspirational place to work.

Put a thought leadership plan in place for your team using our ‘first steps’ guide here.

Develop your assets

If we mention Google, Accenture or Jameson, most people can immediately envision the workplace and culture at those organisations, the people, the locations, the technology. This is because these companies invest heavily in their collateral and leverage it across their social platforms. They use content such as videos, photos, graphics and more, all of which show off the company culture and the benefits of working with them over their competitors. If you want to attract some of the best recruits on the market, you need to show them why they should choose to work with you.

Drop us a line and get started with your content marketing here.

Choose your platforms wisely

It may sound like we’re stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised when you look at your analytics which platforms work for you and which ones don’t, especially if you’ve been doing the same-old for years. Make sure you maximise your outputs and minimise time and energy wasted on developing content for platforms that your prospective employees never use.

Do you really need that TikTok account? Is Facebook really crucial to filling that role? Maybe it’s time to review your platforms and focus on those that succeed.

If you think you need help with your recruitment marketing and employer branding, send us an email to, or connect with us on LinkedIn HERE for more tips like this.

3 Ways To Use Social Media To Attract Top Talent


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