A media drop is a fun and exciting way to capture attention and tell a client’s story. From delicious treats like we did for Cork Airport’s 4th of July celebration to make one year of flights from Cork to Boston Providence with Norwegian;  to grow-it-yourself flower packs, these creative media gifts are a great way to start a conversation and make your story stick.

Learn how we pull off a fantastic media drop for our clients:

Be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons

You can be as creative as you want when devising a media drop. The aim is to stand out from the crowd and be front of mind. However, remember to keep it suitable your brand – you don’t want to leave recipients confused. 

At Springboard, we love coming together for an office brainstorm. We each come up with a few ideas and then build on them together until we get the perfect media drop for our clients.

The most crucial thing is to know your story — what is the objective of the media drop? You must have a clear message before you can think of creative ways to tell it.

Think like Sherlock Holmes

It’s important to keep it exciting but practical. Logically think through all steps in the process such as will the gift travel well?

You must keep practicality in mind when coming up with media drop ideas. There is no point putting in all that work for it to flop on delivery.

Bring out the social butterfly

Media drops are a fantastic way to spur instant conversations on social media, so remember that presentation is key. The more ‘Instagrammable’ and social media friendly it is, the better.

At Springboard, we maximise and drive these conversations by developing digital campaigns in conjunction with the media drop, which leverage the elements of Spring³.

When implemented correctly, a media drop can positively garner the attention of media – and in doing so, make an impression that can last. There’s no reason your brand can’t pull off a fantastic media drop. 

If you’d like more information on how a media drop could work for your business, contact us today by emailing Maria@springboardcommunications.ie

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Maria is Client Director with Springboard, she specialises in the creation and execution of strategic communications, maximising her clients’ brands and achieving measurable marketing results. She has over 10 years’ experience working in Irish media, and brings her passion for creating engaging content to her role at Springboard

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