Thought leadership is an essential element of an organisation’s communications strategy.

It allows you to leverage your expertise to enhance your reputation and ultimately achieve business growth. At Springboard Communications, we have the experience and knowledge to tap into the talent and passion of your organisation and provide answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your stakeholders. 

Thought leadership is a way of showing the value and expertise of your organisation by establishing members of your team as go-to experts in their fields for their key stakeholders from blogs, white papers and newspaper articles to podcasts and panel discussions.  

According to the B2B Thought Leadership Study 2020, 89% of decision-makers say that thought leadership can enhance their perception of a company, and 59% said that thought leadership is more trustworthy than marketing materials and product sheets when it comes to assessing a company’s capabilities.  

But not all content is created equal.

According to the same report, just 15% of decision-makers said that most of the thought leadership they read is very good or excellent, and 28% said that most of what they read is mediocre to very poor. Making it into that 15% means producing quality content that cuts through the noise and reaches the right people.

At Springboard Communications, we’ll help you find the sweet spot for content by identifying what’s relevant to your business, what your audience is interested in, and what the media is talking about. 

Finding the right thought leaders is key too, and we are committed to helping our clients unleash the collective communications power of their teams. While an organisation’s leadership team is crucial in establishing its brand and story, we know that expertise can be found at all levels. Working with you, we’ll identify the right people within your organisation who have unique stories to tell and help position them as experts in their fields. 

Creating an effective strategy

Through our dedicated thought leadership service, The Leadership Centre, we’ll create and implement a strategy that will leverage your expertise, spotlighting and enhancing you and your organisation’s profile. We’ll work with you to develop a strategic message house that you can rely on to keep your content focused on your sweet spot. As well as identifying thought leaders within your organisation, we’ll empower them to tell their stories too.  

Our media training, delivered by former journalists, will remove the fear of interviews and make you see any media engagement as an opportunity to tell your story to the people who you want to hear it. We can also identify speaking opportunities for you at conferences, panel discussions, and webinars, putting you directly in front of your target audiences. In order to keep a steady flow of quality thought leadership, we can work with you to develop content, articles and blogs, giving your unique expertise the platform it needs to reach the right people. 

Our approach will leverage your expertise across owned, earned and paid media, with an integrated campaign that will maximise cut through and engage your target audiences. To see how successful this approach can be, see our work with Cognate Health and laya healthcare. 

To find out more about how we can advise your organisation on both internal and external communications, please email or explore our range of services

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