Seabrook Technology Group, the Irish-owned manufacturing software specialist, today announced a significant partnership with Toolroom Technology Ltd (TTL), a leading UK software solutions company. The partnership, the first of its kind in Europe, will offer a unique end-to-end offering for orthopaedic manufacturers, which is expected to generate €3 million in revenue over the next two years.

With global customers and larger data loads, orthopaedic manufacturers are increasingly in need of digitised manufacturing processes. However, to date, only 16% have adopted fully smart manufacturing technology. It is forecast that the combined use of the two companies’ advanced software products – Seabrook’s Camstar and TTL’s NX CAM – will increase companies’ manufacturing efficiency by 25%.

Commenting on the partnership, Seabrook founder and Managing Director, Sean O’Sullivan, said: “This partnership will enable our clients to develop and optimise products on an entirely virtual basis, greatly enhancing the traceability of each device, enabling more efficient compliance with regulations and improving quality – all of which will ultimately benefit the patient.”

Managing Director of TTL, Rob Pope, added: “With the growing demand for traceable and connected devices, it’s a time of great opportunity for those companies who embrace the digital factory.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade with responsibility for Brexit, Simon Coveney, visited Seabrook Technology Group and welcomed the announcement, saying: “With annual exports worth €8.5 billion and 18 of the 25 biggest medtech companies in the world based here, Ireland is a world leader in this dynamic sector. It’s positive to see an Irish company build strategic alliances at a time when organisations need to continue looking outward, beyond Ireland, in order to remain competitive on a global platform.”

Mr O’Sullivan added: “Seabrook are committed, despite these uncertain Brexit times, to continue building relationships both in the UK, and internationally. With projects in Japan, China and the US, TTL are the only CAM software solutions experts with a worldwide reach. We will work together to bolster our global impact and transform the orthopaedic manufacturing process.”

This partnership will enable Seabrook to expand its global offering of Siemens Camstar, an advanced software product which enables paperless manufacturing, by pairing it with Siemens NX CAM software from TTL, which optimises productivity. It is the first time these two technologies will be combined into one offering for orthopaedic manufacturers.

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