At Springboard PR & Marketing, we recognise the value in debriefing after a marketing campaign. This review, which includes analysing metrics, allows us to see what  works best and what tactics and methods to prioritise in the future. Here are the top three basic metrics from Google analytics you should be using to gauge how many people are looking at your website content.


Unique Visitors:

Google analytics will tell you how many users are looking at your site. Look at your unique users in particular as they will give you an accurate measure of who is visiting your website. This will help you to identify monthly traffic increases and analysis the average numbers of repeat vistiors.


Page Views:

This metric will tell you how many views each page gets.  It will enable you to examine which pages on your website are most popular. For example, you may see that a certain type of blog post has had more views than another. Analysing which content attracts your audience can help you define your strategy. You can then focus on topics your audience want to read about.



Average time on site:

This is particularly useful to show exactly where audiences are spending most of their time. This is helpful when comparing your blog posts and news items. By analysing the average time spent on these pages, compared with the number of views, you can estimate how many people were attracted by the title and how many people remained on the page to read the post. You can amend and adapt content to increase average time spent on you pages, ensuring that you are providing content your audience wants to read.


Content marketing is without a doubt an invaluable feature of any marketing strategy. It drives traffic to your website and attracts new leads organically. However,he question many businesses ask is how can they measure what works? These three metrics are an essential starting point to help you understand your website and how it works in conjunction with your content marketing.


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Susie founded Springboard in 2011, and has developed the business into a leading, director-led communications agency. She has worked for over 20 years in senior marketing and public relations roles.

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